Hop aboard the Express

Coast to coast, city to city, passengers in line

Electric locomotive, powering at speed

Turn about the corner, tilting train along the track

Compartments of the carriage

Synchronized flow, signal – stop sign

Yet a glance behind, dancing of the trees

Horses on the moor

A scenic tour, destination ever-near

Of varied kinds, capacities great and small

Lest we fall, yet with closed eyes we crawl

Make way to the mountain, sloping steep hill

Railway equipped, pinion wheel grip

The fascination a journey entails

Straddling monorail, of columns held upon

Embrace beams above roads

Diesel locomotives, powering gears

Afore times we have known, use of pulling alone

Steam locomotives, signs of the time

Wait in line, aboard the horse-drawn carriage

Pressure, power, steam

Fuel for freight trains, packed with heavy loads

Rolling wagon wheel

Roll-on record breakers, ravishing appeal


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©