Vertebrates with feathers and tails

Reptiles with their shiny scales

Birds of which that range in size

Returning cycles that comprise


Solid seal, protective shell

Danger near, seek to repel

Contained therein with varied roles

Porous eggs of tiny holes


Nest of twigs, eggs to hide

Incubate the birds inside

Predators across the land

Hiding place beneath the sand


Born to hunt, equipped with age

Acquired mate, there to engage

Age’s grand of which to reach

Return journey to their beach 


Storks upon the solid sticks

Within the nest of feeding chicks

Frozen wasteland of no nest

Penguin pouches, eggs to rest


Giant fans attract a mate

Tail feathers, peacocks shake

Birds of tropics, colours bright

Such a ray of sheer delight


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©