As a child you sat us down and you let us read the Word

You taught us how to pray and to mediate a verse

He brought me here to Sunday school from my early days

This is the day the Lord has made you taught me how to praise

As grandchildren we won’t forget you took us to the fair

You taught us to enjoy life, fond memories of you there

He loved musical instruments the organ he would play

He wasn’t fussed by CDs, cassettes would rule the day

You took me to my school and said pull up your socks

I’d then pull them back down again, those memories are not lost

He taught me how to tie shoelaces way back then

What I would give just to enjoy one day with you again

So many things you taught me and the virtue to forgive

You raised us and inspired us and taught us how to live

My granddad’s sense of humour, for those of us who know

He spent his days telling jokes, the joy he did bestow

He loved to watch the cricket I can still here his views

When you walked in the room ‘I want to watch the news’

You’d sit and grace the table and taught us thanksgiving

You led us by example with purposeful living

Entering the kingdom the Lord chooses the best

You fulfilled your mission you surely passed the test

By your example I gave my life to the Lord

Heaven has an angel, an eternal reward

For 90 graceful years you blessed us with your time

You are God’s masterpiece thou art is divine

No-one can replace the awesome man you are

An honourable man, my wonderful grandpa!


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©