There is a bountiful harvest, enriched with all love

Where the mysteries of life connect from above

A season of promise, with rivers that flow

From the highest mountain, to the waters below

Abound in all joy, with reverence divine

Proceed to the place where souls intertwine

A threefold cord, yet two souls unite

With endless love, to the Father’s delight

An enchanted rose, be granted to thee

Your dearly beloved, embraced splendidly

A foundation in God, a new gift of peace

A trust in his will, where all doubt will cease

The promise of God, the call of his command

Trust and be held in the palm of his hand

A covenant made, the exchanging of rings

Soaring upon these enchanted wings

Cherish therein, the dreams of each other

Exemplify a bond that few will discover

A solemn vow, new mercies to see

An honour established with humility

To have and to hold and welcome each other

An honourable day for my older brother

Proclaim the goodness that comes from above

May the both of you continue in love

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©