They roamed the earth with supreme distinction

Evolution prior mass extinction

Of giant forms, dominate thy land

Exceptional findings to understand


To recover and discover, fossils of old

To reconstruct, reform the mould

Fine tools to chip, we hammer away

Extracted fossils, in rocks they lay


Science of discovery, working replica

Evidence of skin and that of feather

The Mesozoic era, before catastrophe

Continents found, thy land and sea


Furry mammals, reptiles of the time

Dazzling dinosaurs crawling from the slime

Non-flowering trees, appearing tall

Conifers and mosses, plants of all


The varied forms, at the least complex

The Titanosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex

The Kronosaurus, beneath thy wave

Seizing for prey, beneath the cave


Born to adapt, hunters of the sky

Beak-like jaws of which to reply

Folded wings, yet stood to train

The great survivors that now remain


 Written by Geraldine Taylor ©