A powerful hunter, of varied species

Watchfully gazing, they perch on high

Eyesight of excellence, strong hooked beak

Awaiting your prey, vultures, a splendid relation

Incredible wingspan, as they take flight

Found near water, perched on feathered legs

Fish a-plenty, hunting ground

Boot, harpy, snake, fish and sea

Of four divisions so they belong

Rainforests, deserts, coasts thy be found

Of almost every habitat

Foraging for food

Make way to the nest

Eyries of the ledge, frequently of the trees

Align thy grass, twigs and leaves

Display a valid courtship

Allocate thy mate

Somersault with might and weight

Protect thine eggs, chicks will hatch

Be guarded, vulnerability be aware

Return thy food, to motherly shelter

Protect from snakes, ravens, racoons

Promote survival, train thy young

Eagle calls across thy territory

Attention thus occupied

With wings outstretched

Take thy stand


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©