The prominent years, of which did last

Great heights of power, of centuries past

According to legend, thy Rome we build

Twin brothers afore, o’ Remus killed


O’ city of Rome, of which we name

A land of power, government, fame

A laurel wreath, for emperors made

Make way Augustine, we shall invade


Proud legions stand, march with thy sword

Set up camp, in one accord

Hilltops on high, settlement surround

Excavated objects found


We bind the law, of which was spoke

Of magistrates power, enforce, evoke

Writings carved, upon thy stone

Papyrus, bronze, of Latin alone


Villas remain, a courtyard near

Mosaic art, yet to revere

Myths and legends, they chose per se

God and goddess, a role to play


The Colosseum, the serious wars

O’ re-enact at theatre doors

Horses trotting, yet at a pace

The circus held, thy chariot race


Lend a penny, now let us bath

Thy mineral water, water wave

As strigils scrape, upon thy skin

With lavish oil, thy slave rub-in


A solid cause, bring to effect

Our empire built, we shall protect

Provinces, lands, we captured all

Stood to defend, afore thy fall


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©