Orbiting the Sun, as though it were a ring

Summer then autumn, winter and spring

Opposites exist, as in day and night

The tilting of the Earth, now gives way to light


Of the inner planets, are we relatively near?

Orbiting Earth around the Sun in a year

Complexities of life, numerous reasons

Varying sunlight does create the seasons


Tilt towards the Sun, daylight will appear

A period of summer for that hemisphere

Lush green landscapes and longer days

Outdoor games in the sunshine rays


Shorter days of autumn, increased rain to fill

Leaves with less production of chlorophyll

Artistic shades of yellow, brown and red

Temperatures fallen, withered flower head 


Chilly winter season, birds off to migrate

Bearing longer nights, animals hibernate

Trees losing leaves, dormant to survive

Incubated eggs, for winter has arrived


Such a joy in spring, fresh daises to pick

Wonders of new life, the hatching of a chick

Animals emerging, formation align

Plants burst into flower, ever so divine


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©