Components form a basic need

A plant produced, a healthy seed

Light and warmth, spring water flow

Tranquil air helps plants to grow


The sunshine rays that beam with light

With health, green leaves shall stand upright

Natural cycles won’t evolve

A dark surround, left bare and cold


That light of which dear plants rely

Devoid of light, such plants would die

Tall spindly state, o light shall seek

Epitomises growing weak


Watered fields, roots delight

Nutrient soil, anchored upright

Beneath the earth, a process starts

Up through the stem to distinct parts 


Sunshine glare, of natural bliss

Make way photosynthesis

Bring forth a bout of showering

The varied kinds are flowering


Embrace the harvest, water surge

Where leaves and flower buds emerge

Insects travel, pollination

Carried forth, fertilisation


Dispose and scatter seeds below

Create anew, for plants to grow

Coloured petals, a summer breeze

Butterflies and bumble bees


Attractive plant, a keen insect

Solid petals will protect

Sweetest nectar – energy

Exist for bees to make honey


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©