Splish splash splish, sunshine bliss

Crashing waves, glistening summer rays

Of days, at the seaside shore

Longing for more, we reminisce

As waves bellow, so we build

Sandcastles on high, quickening sand running over my hand

Slippery stepping stones across oceanic floors

As ‘She’ sets sail, seagulls soar, over the sandy shore

A pool of rock, bucket and spade

Toward the tide and so we wade

Ice-cream dream

Transparent view, starfish slither

We come to a s-t-a-n-d-s-t-i-l-l

Intrigued yet by the wonders of the deep

Sheer radiance

Fetched flip-flops, seaward bound

The zest of life

Cruise the current, row the flow

We drift, we drift

Seaweed and squid

Glancing at the pier, windmill yet afar

Kite shall ride the wind, a break thereupon

Such glee of days

What joy could override

Our sunny seaside


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©