Yet a tiny fraction, there is so much more

Such a prominent universe to explore

Numerous galaxies, planets and stars

Orbiting the Sun above just like Mars


Saturn has a ring, others have a moon

Planets filled with gas like a hot balloon

Travelling in light years, so far away

Yet our solar system is a vast array


Looking through my telescope, planets to see

Looking out for Jupiter and Mercury

There is icy Pluto further from the Sun

My curious journey has just begun


The strong pull of gravity, keeping into place

The days, months and years, yet moving at a pace

Fascinating satellites, informative machine

Launching of the space crafts, places never seen


If I were an astronaut, how would I feel?

Adapting to space food, a dried and sealed meal

Travelling on mission, in the atmosphere

Witnessing diameters that I can but revere


On that day however, was my teacher playing tricks

Looking through the glasses, viewing the eclipse

Yet the Milky Way has a spiral twist

Looking from our planet, where current life exists


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©