time to soar.jpg

Verse 1

Like a hummingbird with wings to fly, emerging forward towards the sky

Ever receptive to the dream, for all that you’ve witnessed or ever seen

Release and so defy, no greater time to try, just hold on, trust and so rely

Much higher than the fall, it’s time to give your all

To the promises you’re believing for



I believe you will receive, the blessings, its free

I am sure, you’re truly called, to the victory, that is yours

It’s time to soar


Verse 2

With an open mind, steered to drive, follow through to the road, you will arrive

Operate the gear, embrace the view, I believe in this, I believe in you

Release hold off the break, it’s time to operate, keep going, there’s just no time to wait

Your view is crystal clear, it’s that special time, it’s your moment

The promises are near





Spread your wings, at the edge to take the flight

Look beyond, deterrents in your sight

To succeed, turn wrongness into right

Travel through to greater heights




Written by Geraldine Taylor ©