Aligned in place, they changed and grew

A distinct frame to chomp and chew

To rip, to crush, to tear and bite

To process food, determined might


Forward canines made to tear

Bold incisors lessen wear

Solid molars help to crush

Day and night our teeth to brush


A solid set, with aim to grind

The sets of teeth we can but find

Milk teeth formed, of first event

The adult teeth grow permanent


Meat eaters are carnivores

Plant consumers’ herbivores

To brush is not inferior

To balance bad bacteria 


Balanced diet, portioned fruit

Brighter teeth, a healthy root

A poorer choice of alcohol

With smoking yet will take its toll


For where leftover sugar lay

An acid forms for tooth decay

Improved choices – don’t delay

Brush and floss teeth twice a day


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©