Let a new age commence, unrest shall now cease

King Henry VII, the bringer of peace

Merchants will travel, trade will now flourish

Descendants of which epitomise courage


A land of writers, a progress of arts

Embedded into the Tudor’s hearts

Embroidered gowns, heads and tales

The elegant wear of farthingales


A Tudor house, a college, a school

Established wealth of Tudor rule

Towns of old, constructed new

Merchants traded, places grew


Refined timber, a solid room

Within the attic, a weaving loom

Wattle and daub, between the frame

A home preserved, set to remain


Furnished halls and window glaze

Estates abound, knot garden maze

Food aplenty, peacock and swan

Iron skewers, with meat upon


Send a fleet, out to defend

A kingdom of which lives depend

Aboard with cannons, Mary Rose

We shall arch with longer bows


Parish churches of the ‘Reformation’

A coat of arms, our declaration

Henry VIII, the Supreme Head

The King’s schools, of which he lead


A ‘Globe’ performance, a Shakespeare show

Shall we stand where ‘groundlings’ go

A theatre set to entertain

Yet monasteries sit in poor remain


Upon thy hill, now let us mount

To thus reflect with fresh account

A prominent history of which to lend

Thy Queen Elizabeth I to end


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©