One of the five senses, tell me what you hear

Picking up of sounds, directly from the ear

A great deal of listening, noises all around

Approaching from a distance, I can hear a sound


I can hear a siren, I hear a bouncing ball

I hear a loud football crash against the wall

I hear the sound of paper, torn so carefully

I hear a crunching apple bitten gracefully


Detecting sound waves, in the open air

They cannot be seen, but they are still there

Patterns of the sound waves, dogs are howling

High upon the tree branch, I hear a bird sing


A message through my ears, sent towards my brain

I know what I am hearing, the splattering of rain

Different types of animals, distinct shaped ears

Some can hear clearer when a noise appears


Even with my eyes closed, I can hear a squeak

I can hear the footsteps, yet without a peek

Looking inside you will find the eardrum

Noise creates vibration, louder than a hum


A louder sound brings a larger vibration

Good listening deemed for a quiet narration

Sounds high and low, near or far

There goes the sound of a very fast car 


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©