The aardvark who was ashamed looked at the floor

The ant that was angry banged on the door

The bee who was bold ventured on a quest

The bear who was bored drew upon his vest


The cat that was calm never entered rage

The cockatiel who was content sung in his cage

The crocodile that was cheerful looked very pleased

The deer who was disgusted brushed against the trees


The dog who was delighted wagged his tail high

The eagle that was envious soared across the sky

The goat that was grateful helped a near farmer

The gorilla that was glad ate his banana


The giraffe who was grumpy didn’t like the day

The horse who was happy galloped all the way

The jaguar that was jealous ran away far

The monkey who was mad jumped upon a car



The parrot that was proud brought aloud his voice

The snake that was sad made a poor choice

The seahorse that was silly caused a lot of strife

The tiger that was thankful loved to enjoy life


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©