Verse 1

If love is what you feel and it’s real

Authentic, bona fide, with true appeal

From high to low emotions on the course

All I’m asking of you, I shall not force

To reach forever more for your hand

Only skies from up above will understand

To walk that open road, towards the dream

Yet my heart will comprehend what I mean



And if it’s safe with me, it’s plain to see

The one and only place to build a home

And while you wait and see, if the grass is green

Greener on the other side of the road

Greener on the other side of the road


Verse 2

The readiness to move, the swift reply

The yearning just to feel the my oh my

There’s nothing else to prove, nor answer why

With dedicated thought, I’ll aim to try

The pull, a mighty force, has kept you there

So far away from me, you’re unaware

To render ever still and not be moved

The tainting of my heart, so to sooth





Oh please tell me, whoever is to know

Destined so to try or forever let me go

That special part of me, was casted to the shore

I’ll surely wait to see, is this forever more




Written by Geraldine Taylor ©