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Set to Rise – Daddy Ess

Broken Wings Recordings

Song written by Geraldine Taylor

Set to Rise

Take me to the distant places

Take me far beyond the sky

To embrace the broad horizon

Where both my wings can fly


Take me to a place of courage

Far beyond a place of fear

To unfold my true formation

Sailing forth to seas sincere


Set to rise with true elation

Former thoughts to unlearn

To discover more within me

A desired truth to yearn


For the place I hold so dearest

Confirmation of a sign

To live my life on purpose

The opened door is mine


A time of bold decision

With discouragement aside

To a land of my victory

With my eyes kept on the prize


On the prize………….


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©






[Song from the musical Set to Rise by Geraldine Taylor]