A garden of serenity, peace with all prosperity

Trees and flowers on the land, yet adhere to my command

Rivers flowing gracefully, the planting of a special tree

Tree of life father to give, whoever ate would surely live


Unaware of a wrong choice, they listened to his gentle voice

The knowledge of a testing tree, continuing contentedly

Sin had crept into the place. Serpent tricking Eve to taste

Forbidden nature so revealed, disobeyed – temptation yield


Unable to stand and face, for there was no hiding place

Words untrue that were believed, lack of presence, father grieved

Adam and Eve failed to obey, yet their Lord would make a way

Serpent tried to separate, angel at the garden gate


Sinful nature would remain, shortly Eve would endure pain

Pleasant bond now left to spoil, Adam punished, left to toil

Growing sorrow, little trust, feeble body, back to dust

Make way back to harmony, send a saviour – set us free


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©