A Jewess of Nazareth, city of Galilee

Alongside Joseph, soon to be espoused

Descendants of David, humbly poor

Calibre in carpentry, provide for his bride

To Mary an angel would arrive

Words of the angel Gabriel, she will bring forth a son

A sovereign Saviour of the world

Mary blessed and highly favoured

To bear the chosen one, both ruler and King

Yet surprising, afar woman of old

Elizabeth of Judah, a promise to unfold

For she would soon be with child too

Nothing is impossible for God to do

Be it unto him, in accordance to the word

Leaping babe of thy womb, promise arise

A secret to rejoice, beyond angelic voice

A journey to Nazareth

Joseph’s divine dream

Awareness anew, a promise to be true


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©