A prominent star, far to the east

A symbol of peace, to wise men of three

Beyond such a journey, the awaiting of a new-born King

To follow the star, that they might worship him

Yet aside from their quest, puzzled, perplexed

That of King Herod, afore thy detest

Chief priests and scribes, an enquired gathering

Herod to protect his beloved throne

A diligent search toward Bethlehem

To advise wise men, to seek out the child

Such shadows of night upon the land

From city gates, to the rightful place

An earnest rejoice

A star stood still

To humbly kneel, treasured offerings

Dreams foretold, arise and flee

Take baby Jesus to Egypt, an urgent plea

Of governed talk, of discovery

Herod’s aim to conquer prophecy

A choice in haste, a wrongful deed, a wretched command

Be rid of all young boys in the land

Yet wise men moved on

Joseph and Mary to return to where they belong

To journey on, to the land of Galilee


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©