Strong Syrians at war against the Israelites

Yet followed a period of peace

Though no threat was posed, an enemy arose, from a foreign land

Fear drew in, the Assyrian king, was set to conquer all

Armies assembled from the border-land

O’ Ninevah city, a promised place

Radical residence of idol worshippers

Servers not of the living God, of what would become

A change of ways, lest they be destroyed

A chosen prophet foreseeable and called

A request to Jonah, awake the city

Of mercy and pity, to repent of their sins

Journey to Ninevah, look to the east

Actions opposed, a sail to the west, unaware of God’s test

An intention to hide, full of pride, he fell asleep

Yet on the ship, with sailors equipped, a storm arose

Wallowing winds, a stormy sea, a presumptuous plea

A cast of lots, on Jonah fell

Storm was sent on his account

Duly dashed into the sea, right into the belly of a fish was he

Three days and nights, afore dry land

Go tell the people of Ninevah

Preach the message, be undeterred


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©