The sick crippled and blind, of troubled waters to find

Aside the Sabbath rule, walked Jesus by the pool

Affliction thus pervade, to rest nearby the shade

Of varied people sat, yet laid upon the mat


The healing then began, a poor and crippled man

A statement did foretell, to walk and then be well

To spring and rise alone, to start towards his home

Of miracles revered, for Christ had disappeared


Religious Jews within, accusing him of sin

A command to walk away, presently Sabbath day

Upholding an offence, beyond their own pretence

Likened to revolt, of men who did find fault


Disciples picking corn, for they did not conform

A watchful Pharisee, en route to Galilee

Attended to a man, who had a crippled hand

Though lesser hearts forbid, did as his father did


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©