Eminent city of Persia, long live the King

A youthful Jewess, of parents passed

Resettled in her cousin’s home, under Mordecai’s care, as his own

To womanhood, the becoming of

The palace of Persia shall hold a feast, proud men shall gather

Prominent presence, echoes of entertainment

A heedless king of too much wine, a request for his Queen to dine

Such instruction declined

Continued unaligned, to behold of her beauty

Of customs contrary, of directions unwise

To dwell in the kingdom, yet to be replaced

In such haste, a queen no more

A closing door, seek out the best

Search through the kingdom

Esther before the King – be seen

To become Queen

Place a royal crown, inner restoration found

Mordecai as watchman, seated at the gate

Heard whispers of a plot against the King

Queen so informed, in Mordecai’s name

The guilty found, punished accordingly

Long life of the King

Mordecai unacknowledged

Notwithstanding kindness to him


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©