As was written, on Mount Sinai

As Moses stood on high, commandments of virtue

A shower of blessings, to bestow upon

As for the people, they adhered not

Unguided minds, an idolised calf of gold

Yet to unfold, in a moment of anger

Stones thrust down, sin was all around, though forgiveness abound

Two further tablets, inscriptions anew

Early on the mount, forty days and nights

At one with the father

Both food and drink – the absence of

From such a return, proceeding down

A glow of brilliance, radiant face

Of whom could stare

Dispel at once

Covering veil

Of such commands, in accordance with

Prosperity stands

To stray from the path, affliction coincides

Worship the Lord

Assemble the Tabernacle

With sacrificial offerings, designated ark

Glory be filled

A time to remain

The cloud has arisen

Journey on


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©