To govern at large, with depth and reason

King Darius ruler of the kingdom

Presidents for a land of size

The king thought Daniel to be wise


Princes appointed honourably

Filled with growing jealousy

Daniel served so faithfully

Others watched him carefully


Faultless find, a call to stay

Devotion daily, time to pray

A plot to have him done away

Of treatment in a wicked way


A king with pride deep at the core

Presidents helped to plan the law

For no requests of thirty days

Carried forth, unrighteous ways


Such flattery, from trusted men

From Daniel’s prayer – into the den

A law in place could not be changed

A callous plan they did arrange


Into the pit, sat unreleased

Sealed mouths of savage beasts

For God knew they were guilty

Daniel saved and rendered free


Injustice that was ensuing

The truthful case of wrong-doing

Into the pit, the men of wrong

For there the righteous don’t belong


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©