A vast expanse, no word in sight

A divine being, created light

Darkness fell as time passed by

Becoming of a bright blue sky


Of the deep, where water flows

A barren land of earth arose

Yet to behold, yet to bestow

The flowers, trees and herbs to grow


Moon and stars, a bright away

A blazing sun, divide the day

Creatures, fish, birds with wings

Creator of all living things


Animals made, great and small

The breadth of life, he made them all

A worthy soul for the living

To work the land, worshipping


Created good and wonderful

Of help to find so suitable

To grow in trust of faith – believe

A wife for Adam, namely Eve


To multiply, a land to fill

Peace on Earth, a divine will

Rest upon the seventh day

Guided through and shown the way


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©