The descendants of which, numerous in size

Yet in such a land, a king would arise

To create slaves and disturb peace

The more he oppressed, they would increase


The harshness of the king’s command

Do away, sons of the land

The anger of the king would grow

Into the river, ordered to throw


Beyond the plight of wrongful deeds

A cradle lay among the reeds

His sister stood yet to abide

Concealed by the riverside


Ever near, the daughter’s king

Heard the cry of suffering

Little child a mother laid

Gave compassion unafraid


The pity that could not evade

A Hebrew woman, princess bade

Abandonment would be adverse

Mother called to take and nurse


A time of blessing to remain

Provision of a rightful name

Brought in age to Pharaoh’s daughter

Moses drawn out of the water


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©