Right throughout the age

I have written every page


Knitted in your mother’s womb

On this earth I shall make room


From the start when time began

I blueprinted every plan


The salt of all the Earth

Rich in value and in worth


Whether near or whether far

Worthy masterpiece you are


When others pass you by

You’re the apple of my eye


When placed in any doubt

I shall not leave you without


In a dry and barren land

When you aim to understand


So beloved, precious gem

Touch my garment at the hem



Even when misunderstood

You partake in the priesthood


When you feel you don’t belong

Rise and sing a new song


In the storm beyond the shore

Whether rich or whether poor


With seeming endless miles

Through the test and through the trials


I am with you to the end

Trust in me, you can depend


Place your very faith in me

For you are my destiny


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©