To be rebuilt, to be restored, to re-establish broken walls

Of former gates now rising up, to them that will rejoice

On assignment from the palace

Nehemiah of noble rank

With zest and zealous zeal

A great work to begin, relinquish finding fault

Continue the consigned course, even if by force

A purposeful quest, yet enemies seek to oppress

Chosen people of Jerusalem

Their aim to hinder

To turn our plans to cinders, of ruin again

Aside from jeers and jokes, we evoke the passion inside

From such a purpose as this

For Nehemiah here to rebuild, not to rebel

To hear of enemies plans, such work began

Armed hands of spears and swords

Guarding watchmen day and night, to then distract, a covert act

To call him away, an unprincipled trip, good intentions not

Yet passing times, forward seasons

Gave no reason, for continued up-rise

No scheme or lies, could dissolve desire

Nor cause delay

Gathered rules, with listening intent

Help the people, re-join and restore customs, not law

Promising years, place heathen aside, do not idolise

A Saviour will return

The writings of Malachi

A faithful prophet, of faithful words


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©