A tranquil land, when the Earth was but few

Refreshing renewal, beginning anew

Noah and sons, grew to remain

Multiplied nation, so it became


Mountain of Ararat, water subside

A move to the east, with fears aside

Families therein, travelled afar

A settled plain in the land of Shinar


Bold decision, people of prime

Building themselves, for such a time

A great high tower, apparent worth

Be not scattered over all the earth


Work commenced, building the city

Bricks and mortar, workers busy

Ever-ready, no time to stall

Unexpected to cease at all


Might endured, the time it took

A displeased father, there to look

Ever more sinful, none to repent

Ignoring the one who gave them strength


Labouring on, within their own plans

Worshipping the work of their own hands

A call from high, un-amused

Let their languages be confused


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©