Beyond the destruction, a journey to the south

The bearing of a promised child

Unto Abraham and Sarah, within their latter stage

The joy of Isaac

An awesome wonder

Hagar and son, of company within the tent

In playful sight, both sons adjoined

A jubilant feast, with Ishmael unkind, merriment declined

The yearning of honour, attention be sought

An imminent request, send them away

Instructions of sorrow, Abraham obliged

Mother and son to voyage on

Seek the place where you belong

Replenishing supplies

A radiant sunrise, in the land of Egypt

Ye to wonder to the wilderness

Walking on empty, thirsty and faint

Wander no father

Suffering son

Weeping in solitude, fearful afraid

God heard the cry of pain

Draw to the spring, water arise

Be now filled, I shall provide

Your son shall live, grow and thrive

Strength shall arise, wait upon the Lord

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©