Verse 1

Graceful God my source and provider, there is no other like you

Lord of lords, for you are my helper, there are blessings with changes anew

Faith enduring love is forever, triumph in my victory praise

Sovereign shield for you are the answer, blessed are my days



Testify, it’s time to break through

Strength behold, I shall not be moved

Lost no more, there’s nothing to prove

Unleashed and made new

I am yours forever your own

Guiding me I am not alone

King of high and this is your throne

Victory is breaking through, breaking through


Verse 2

Of enemies they have not the holding, one creator over the earth

Strength arise, ascending the mountain, recognizing all of my worth

Stumbling blocks shall quake in your presence, confidence forever surround

Inheritance, for it is my birthright, sacred gifts be found





Enthroned on high, I will testify

Beyond my circumstance, power will defy

None can be compared, to you I give my cares

I come to you, ooh ooh ooh




Written by Geraldine Taylor ©