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My Springtime Song

Verse 1

Creations scatter, seeds are blossoming

No greater time to draw the harvest in

New life to thrive and nature to unfold

With character of greater stories told

This is my springtime song

This is my springtime song


Verse 2

Such fields of grace and captured memories saved

The rays of sun above, a steady wave

To picture such an ever after scene

The magnitude of shades of flowering

This is my summer song

This is my summer song


Verse 3

So picturesque, an autumn coloured shade

To so revere, when higher thoughts evade

To thus evolve, the changing of the land

Of mysteries and time is in your hands

This is my autumn song

This is my autumn song


Verse 4

Imprinted patterns, fashioned all across

The times of gain and all apparent loss

The breath of life of seasons animate

A beginning of such a time to wait

This is my winter song

All seasons do belong


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©