Verse 1

Initiated, when there’s a choice to truly take it

In order to be liberated, gain true identity

When there’s a low road, a higher path is taken solo

It doesn’t matter even how slow, true living is free



No matter the forces I see, the invisible right before me

Keep moving and gliding swiftly, liberated, it’s time to be free

All genuine none to conceal, just chasing the joy that I feel

Authentic with goodness is real, liberated, truly liberated


Verse 2

Unrelenting, a core desire with no ending

Distractions don’t require tending, so undeservedly

Uncomplicated, could be as simple as I make it

A dream pursued, even belated, there’s possibility




Verse 3

Footsteps, yes I gotta find my own quest

The only way to give my true best, originate and shine

To awaken, to be myself yet unmistaken

All the others they are taken, the opportunity is mine




Written by Geraldine Taylor ©