Open Poetry Submissions



Poetry submissions are now taking place for the first series of this creative anthology by young people.

We will be selecting poetry from a diverse range of poets on varied subject matters. If you possess creative ability and are able to convey and articulate your ideas in poetic form we welcome you to apply.

The anthology publication will be available for the general public to purchase via Amazon and participating retailers. From beginners to advanced writers we welcome your applications.

Selected poems will be featured in the anthology by young people:
Entry Fee: Free
1) Poetry Submissions are open to individuals in the UK aged 11-18.
2) Poems may be on any subject matter/form/style (10-40 lines).
3) Poems should be typed in English, unpublished, your original work and not
accepted for publication elsewhere.
4) Each poem must be typed and attached as a PDF/Word document.
5) Each poem must include the following: a) First Name
6) Up to five poems per individual may be submitted.
7) The selected poems will be published in the poem The Creative Collective
Anthology by Young People [Series 1] in 2017 (available on Amazon
UK/participating retailers/bookstores).
8) The decision of the adjudicator will be final and there can be no
correspondence in concern with the results.
9) With permission from a parent/guardian all entries should be made via email: including the corresponding PDF/Word attachments.