collage (13)collage (18)

Verse 1
With apparent separation, I was beheld and set apart
The formation of my journey, belonging to you from the start
With purpose I’m created, of solutions set to solve
Part of a bigger picture and with eloquence evolveChorus
So let your ways, become my ways
Through the days, trust the timing of the season
Yet your plans, are not mine to rearrange
Those blissful rays, trust the timing of the seasonVerse 2
An ever sure foundation, with preparation and design
With a virtue of patience, not to rush ahead of time
There is glory in the story, there’s reasons for a test
To uphold a godly standard and awaiting for the best

Bridge X2
There is a greatness to accomplish
There is triumph in the game
With such ample room for growing
Let this be a time of change


Written by Geraldine Taylor