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Verse 1
Keep me planted on solid ground, where true salvation can be found
Purified and free from shame, calling those who seek your name
With such power to move unseen and search the depth of my inmost being
For your glory of which I strive, with your strength I am alive

To be at one with you, is instrumental to my growth
For all I’ve found in you, with tender mercy
A true unfailing love, with an everlasting oath
A core desire for you, so ever sincerely

Verse 2
Basking in your presence here, a stillness I can but revere
Of endeavours built in vain, for my almighty reigns
The peacefulness your assurance brings, you rise and soar with mighty wings
A towering rock of true safety, resting in your sanctuary


Bridge X4
Of such peacefulness, passing all understanding
With such wholesomeness, taking heed of your commanding

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️