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With campaigns established
Accolades accomplished
An honourable life, taken to the max
Championed feats, of no small measure
A nation can treasure
Matters addressed with proficiency
The shaping of an era – equality
Realization of rights, project legacy
Impacting a wider communityRaise the bar, unsettled below
Challenging the status quo
Battles fought
With justice sought
Of leadership, seeking to serve
When forces merge
Mark the campaign
The present cannot remain the same

Confinement release
Establishing peace
Break the borders
Let indifference cease
A fight for freedom, oh justice prevail
Of strategic systems – show society
With due propriety
Of political accountability
The epitome of civility
Accrued insight
Of human rights
To lobby, to lead
With fairness proceed
Catalyst creation, positive change
Expansion of range

Of non discrimination
Heroic determination
A valuable service to the vulnerable
Outreach outstanding, by example lead
Contributed equation
To influence a nation

Of historical significance
Sheerly profound
With relevant reverence
A shining light of difference

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️