Featuring a diverse range of poets from across the globe.

1 A lover Poppy Rose
2 On reflection Poppy Rose
3 Holiday  Kate Ball – Shropshire, UK
4 Lemon Bon Bons Kate Ball – Shropshire, UK
5 Happy birthday kelsey louise… Crystal Jenking
6 After the lions have eaten Daryl Hall – Lichfield
7 Dry Toast Daryl Hall – Lichfield
8 Growing nowhere Daryl Hall – Lichfield
9 The radiators hum Daryl Hall – Lichfield
10 It is Time Joanna H, Southampton
11 Book of Life Joanna H, Southampton
12 Three Keys Sandra M. Haight
13 Gifts of Sky and Sea Sandra M. Haight
14 Set Me Free Mark Woods
15 A Winter Idyll Keith Trestrail
16 My Unborn Child Keith Trestrail
17 No Poet, Am I Greg Barden
18 Wooing the Muse Abdul Malik
19 SOULMATE Anisha Dutta
20 THE SEA Jean Murray
21 A Birdless Sky Rick Keeble
22 Blue Daisy Rick Keeble
23 A Ripple in Time Joseph May
24 GOODBYE, MY LOVE Laura Marie Urbaniak
25 The Ripple Effect Winged Warrior
26 Starfish Teddy Kimathi
27 Seashells                                                                                                             Mark Massey
28 Season of Smiles Janice Canerdy
29 Michelangelo’s David Janis Medders Thompson
30 The Sirens Jerome Malenfant
31 Somewhere Frederic Parker
32 Sunrise, Wrong Side of Another Day Christopher Fielden
33 Her Bedroom Wall Janice Canerdy
34 Without Lament Frederic Parker
35 The Mother Of All Nations Andrew Crisci
36 Jewel in the crown Sneha RV The Literature Lover
37 The right company for me Brigitte Pace
38 Yesterday’s Joys Andrea Dietrich
39 Tranquility Connie Marcum Wong
41 A Treasured Collection curtis Johnson
42 Death of a Dear Friend Victor Buhagiar
43 Dinner With Venus Mark Massey
44 A Winter Walk Ray Gridley
45 What Will Tomorrow Bring Dean Wood
46 One Ugly Opal Greg Barden
47 Changing of the Guard Keith Trestrail
48 On Bended Knees Joseph Soper
49 Magenta was the sky this morn Chris Green
50 Toast For My Dad Zara Bosman
51 In My Grandmother’s Day L. J. Carber
52 Theory of Sociality Fariq Yusoff
53 As Images And Feelings Coincide Jeremy Smith
54 Am I Worthy Martin Di Maria
55 The child I never had Joseph Vigil
56 Spring Is Here Adejumoke Adewuyi
57 Wild Persimmon Preserves Daniel Turner
59 Don’t Go Teddy Kimathi
60 Lost freedom Jakov Asl
61 Rise Above it Anisha Dutta
62 Bella Rick Parise
63 Glass Memories Janis Thompson
64 On Eagles Wings    Charlie Smith
65 Beautiful Paige Posadziejewski
66 Victim-of-PTSD Gordon Alexander
67 That Hug in the Rain bella Holt
68 The CRUMB Ralph Sergi
69 The Art of Living-Take One Michelle Morningstar
70 By Moonlight Kudzai Mhangwa
72 Endless Skies Marley Cash-Powell
73 SUN RAGE Sushma A. Singh
74 Archaic Beacon James Swartz
75 Musings on a Summer Night Anoucheka Gangabissoon
76 When in pain Ram R. V.
77 Beauty of life jennifer riddlespurger
78 Delusion Grandiose Nitika Singh
79 A Poet in Moonlight Bic Gi-Sa
80 Young Spoils Of The Forest Ogheneruru Wekpe
81 Rain Farm Jang Jae Yul
82 We Need To Talk         Fernando Moya
83 On His Special day Adeyemi Joshua
84 No Breath I Could Breathe Laura Loo
85 Love Prayer and Asking Henry Lumen
86 Frosted Flakes Michael Vacek
87 Dost thou proclaim sanity White Wolf
88 Eat Your Pain Felice Bee
89 SMILE Anuradha sowmyanarayanan
90 The maze Subimal Sinha-Roy
91 The earth is sad Ghita Manaila
92 Oh child do you know Diana Schroff
93 The jollification Abdul Basit Ismail
94 Poem for a sleeping child Dave Collins
95 Blinded by Grey Gerson Ribeiro
96 Sandcastles John Michaels
97 Dare Not Speak Thy Name Damien Biggs
98 Happy Married Life Afolabi Muideen
99 Out of Trenches Kevin Shaw
100 Chimney Swift Maureen McGreavy
101 Confused Jeremy F
102 I Am Alina hus
103 House of Gold Syn Michele
104 February on Wildmoor Heath Geoffrey Brewer
105 What Once Was Mine Louise Siddall, Rochdale, UK
106 The world is linked Louise Siddall, Rochdale, UK
107 The Ballet Boy Louise Siddall, Rochdale, UK
108 All Hair Geraldine Taylor