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Single Use Commerical License for Individuals and Businesses:

  • Projects, TV (films and commercials, games

*=Minimum Single Use License Fee

Single Use License
The song can be used for any single project worldwide. It may be used for one project only. In simple terms, it’s like loaning for ‘one-off’ use.
For example, the project might be website use, a company promotional video, a radio commercial, or live performance.
The Licensee (buyer) must not make any changes to the song, other than adjusting the running time to sync with video content.
As the songwriter I retain All rights to the song.
The buyer is not allowed to re-sell, re-license the song, must not claim ownership of it or use in other projects.

1) Imagine – Jesse Dawson
2) Pour On Us A Blessing – Samuel J Jones
3) Moonlight – Samuel J Jones
4) Imagine Instrumental – Jesse Dawson
5) Imagine – James Edgar *
6) The Other Side of the Road – James Edgar *
7) On That Day – Toon *
8) Illuminate Me – Pedro de Prada *
9) A Dream Come True – Kerith Chiral *
10) A Merryful Christmas – Estelle La Cruz
11) Imagine Tagalog Version – Daphne Grace Martinez *
12) Imaing Thai Version – Toon *
13) Imagine Serbian Version – Vladimir Banovcanin *
14) Endless –Chrisley Stewart
15) Imagine Croatian Version – Emina Bajtarevic *
16) Imainge Sunshine Remix – William Mitchell *
17) Imagine Portuguese Version – Nelia Flora *
18) Imagine Spanish Version – Duo RV *
19) Imagine Italian Version – Elena Carrossa *
20) A Dream Come True – Ravi *
21) Imagine Remix – DJ Catpain featuring Al Crespo *
22) Set to Rise – Bella C Rose *

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