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Imagine – Various Languages



Verse 1
Imagine if you se ke ter hapar, the shackles of the chains and bonds
To truly love again, solo imagina
Imagine if you could gusa anga and climb a wall like ten feet high
To open your heart, faqat takhil
Ooh bayangkan, ooh elanganya

Verse 2
Imaginez si vous pouviez faire la paix, un passato rotto, bitten twice shy
To be vulnerable, samo zamisli
Imagina se pudesses devastar, paredes criadas para limitar
To remove the guards, faqat takhil
Ooh zamisli samo, ooh samo zamisli

A new perspective there to take, an unbound dream to reawake
My script of all revisions nouveau
Persistent continuity, enfrentando incertezas
A bright scene, visão refrescante
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh

Verse 3
Predstavit’ if you could wind the clocks, identity the stumbling blocks
To re-establish sa kalinawan
Immaginare a journey not the same, an open trust right there to gain
To receive new opportunity
Ooh now chan hen
Ooh ninjisumina

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

(24th December 2018)