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Maxi Hayles

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With campaigns established
Accolades accomplished
An honourable life, taken to the max
Championed feats, of no small measure
A nation can treasure
Matters addressed with proficiency
The shaping of an era – equality
Realization of rights, project legacy
Impacting a wider communityRaise the bar, unsettled below
Challenging the status quo
Battles fought
With justice sought
Of leadership, seeking to serve
When forces merge
Mark the campaign
The present cannot remain the same

Confinement release
Establishing peace
Break the borders
Let indifference cease
A fight for freedom, oh justice prevail
Of strategic systems – show society
With due propriety
Of political accountability
The epitome of civility
Accrued insight
Of human rights
To lobby, to lead
With fairness proceed
Catalyst creation, positive change
Expansion of range

Of non discrimination
Heroic determination
A valuable service to the vulnerable
Outreach outstanding, by example lead
Contributed equation
To influence a nation

Of historical significance
Sheerly profound
With relevant reverence
A shining light of difference

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️


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Katherine Jenkins

kath jenkins part 1kath j part 2

Katherine Jenkins


In angelic voice, enthral, rejoice

Of peace be s-t-i-l-l, for one fine day

A garden of dreams, over the rainbow, a daydream behold

In a graceful realm, of grace to amaze, a dawn of promising rays

Blissful skies, sunlight arise, a peaceful picture

Soul silhouette, lest we forget, royal remembrance

Together we stand, to thee, across the land

A musical language, all-embracing, casted carousel

Performance premier, shining sensational, inspirational

Hail – music of the night, dance with the stars

Tap and glide, a guiding star, something in the way……….

Just as you are

Journeying jewel, revel, jubilee

A walk through autumn leaves, in timeless reverie

Sounding soprano, crowds resonate, of joyfulness elate

Gracefulness of elegance, a time of prime

A gift given, of noble distinction

A symphony of sophistication

Due adulation, due applause, with charitable cause

Exceptional tours, over a great and mighty distance

Of services rendered, a splendour of release

Flowering duet, a radiant bloom, of times unknowing

We’ll meet again – soon


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©





Audio Poetry

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A life like this

Truly influential for me to write this

Articulated thought of a musical mind

Dictionary defined, deal disseminate

A sky with no limit, called to innovate

Metaphorically moved, so to resonate

Artful reflectivity, relational domain

Holistically original, critical acclaim

Chances taken before they pass

Grasp and empower – it will all make sense

A find of forever, together we rise

A rock to pass, shoot for the stars

Comprehensive bars set to bridge the divide

Land on common ground, a synthesized sound

A question with an answer, you would be that call

A lyrical league, facets of skill

Dexterous dimension, unequivocal will

The resounding Wright to shine your light

A light that shines, expression – insight


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

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Anthony Joshua

anthony joshua.jpg

The epitome of greatness, a mark in history

Of discipline remarkable, a stellar victory

Defeating the unbeaten, knock and break the mould

International heavyweight of Olympic Gold


Strike in quick succession, opponents retreat

Delivery duration, a knockout of defeat

Tactical ability, step into the range

Catalyst created, set for further change


Of the highest calibre, man who beat the man

Delivery on target, a humble champion

Of opponents outclassed, discontinued bout

Dominant performance, within and without


With athletic excellence, distance travelled far

Gym of daily training, cardio and spar

Professional perspective, stood to set the pace

Dedication, boldness, motivate, embrace


Influencing globally, rank of the elite

Rapid combinations, uppercuts repeat

Powerful formation, readiness of stance

Daily preparation, practice over chance


An honourable service, magnificence abound

Celebrating victory, crowding to surround

Continuing the greatness, strength and stamina

The world is truly grateful, Anthony Joshua


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©
















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Yasiin Bey


Undoubtedly, undeniable

Most definitely

Life is not promised, yet you light up the world

Messages through spoken word

Consciously social, from vocal to vocal

Elemental flow

Lyrically acclaimed and instrumental, truly influential

Beyond a statistic

Such experience – will we ever know

In depth dimensions, sketches of a dream

Above solid ground, poetry to my ears

Freedom beyond fears, mountain magnetic

Activated climb, break bordered walls

Stand undefined

Not out to get got

Every story two sides, mathematical embrace

Take notice, vocalize the political state

Destiny manifested

Freedom cannot be bought

Mindful intuition

New York, New York


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

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Dame Kelly Holmes


The core beginnings of a noble dream, of what would seem, foundations laid

With skills attained, such talent emerged, yet still submerged in discovery

Become what be, to demonstrate, independence taking shape

Cross-country weather, so partake and so awake receptive minds

A watchful teacher realised, true potential, born to run

Of motivation so begun, the time had come, the race was won

With thoughts aside, the skill, the stride

Set the challenge, pursuits to pick, a desire to run would surely stick

Seeds of inspiration, an opportune time, yet to behold

Set to unfold, to make the grade, the army trade

Demonstrate ability, join adventure, climb the course

Years of service, tested trials, ran the miles and set the pace

A choice to face of prominence, the passion to take precedence

Discovered star, back on track, all set, attack, assume the plan

Full circle to where it all began, go the distance strength and speed

Destiny awaits, kick for home, continue straight, due applause reverberate

Realisation of a vision, go for gold with dynamism

Setbacks seen and overcome, double Olympic champion

A discipline of due success, professionalism ‘be the best’

Focused victory, a mark in history

Accomplished gold with heart and soul

Broken records, broken mould


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©


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Shirley Bassey

Dare to dazzle, iconic diva

Behold an era, enrapture enthral

Silence devour, of vocal power

Renowned rendition – a rising star

Raise the bar, raise the roof

Glistening shimmer, strike a chord

Stage of a songstress, talent transformed

Driven determined, of diamonds worn

Splendour f-o-r-e-v-e-r, glamorous gift

Essence emerged, craft crystal clear

Sparkle supreme, showcase and shine

Sensational art form, eminence given

007, pre-eminence proven

Of charm interwoven

Impeccable gem


Written by Geraldine Taylor ©