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Summer Solstice Podcast 2020


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Summer Solstice Podcast 2020

Song submission #linkinbio 🎼🎻🌻🌻🌻 Featuring:
1) Hollie Shearer – 1400 Days
2) Jeffrey Chan – Glow
3) Kevin Tyrre – Cool
4) Helena Kate – Every Night
5) The Institutes – Heal In Time
6) Find A Way – Mad Haven
7) Tali Leda – Free Free
8) Chavar Dontae- Keep My Cool
9) Geraldine Taylor – Spaceship

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May Music Podcast 2020


Talented Showcase 1 radio show founded by songwriter Geraldine Taylor.

May Music Podcast 2020

Song submission #linkinbio 🎼🎻🌻🌻🌻 Featuring:
1) Russ Parrish – Together
2) T. S. Obvious – Rise and Shine
3) Nassa – Intruder Alert
4) Milena – I Won’t Give Up
5) Burning Bones – Sirens
6) Tracy Jai – Hold You In My Dreams
7) K. G. – Act With It
8) Tremaine Morgan – On Your Way Up
9) Geraldine Taylor – City Lights

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March Music Podcast 2020


Talented Showcase 1 radio show founded by songwriter Geraldine Taylor.

Talented Showcase Podcast March 2020


1) K.G. – Act With It
2) Tilly Dent – Castle of Sand
3) Sartor – Think of You
4) Angelcreatives – Hello Anthem
5) Tracy Jai – Girl Crush
6) Nicole Theo – Would You Save Me
7) Zyla Sol – Lock
8) Geraldine Taylor – Elevate

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Song submissions for playlists and monthly podcasts:

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Let it Rain

Let it rain.jpg

Rain, uh huh, yeah
Verse 1

A streamlined flow of simplicity, tracing the steps from the back of me
A closeted mind has no time to see, seclusion of prey with no wings to flee
Grains of sand at the breadth of time, a transformation, a frame of mind
A greater portion, seeds to grow, bless this current with a steady flow
Facing the fear of any obstacle, repeat the command I am possible
For the pain to go, be sensational, next in line, it is time to go

Verse 2
Truth may circulate, steer all gossip, erase the hate
No steady control of the hands of fate, life’s too short, there’s no time to wait
The future calls with a steady pull, a choice of empty, a choice of full
To leave with regrets, is non-sensical, a life of hope is indispensable
Be intentional and directional, maximise the dimensional

That in common, a denominator
To love or fear, tell me which is greater
There’s no child that is born a hater
I can say it now, or I can tell you later
Who is the rater, elevator, bend the truth or you can make it straighter

Verse 3
Fast forward to victory, setting captives truly free
There’s no higher salary, to gain love unconditionally
To truly see, such harmony, a realisation of clarity
Paving the way for those after me
So eyes that were covered can now truly see
To walk in the line of prosperity
There may be times, that are yet to see

But right here now we have truly won
Let it rain, let it rain, we have just begun


We have just begun
Written by Geraldine Taylor ©